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TAFE Entry


State Training Providers (formerly known as TAFE Colleges) account for a further 40 per cent of school leavers. STPs offer a wide range of courses, typically of shorter duration than university courses. Certificate II courses can normally be completed in one year; Certificate III and Diploma courses over two years.


A Brief Outline of the Selection Criteria

The arrangements to operate after February 2007 are the outcomes of a review of the existing entrance requirements and selection criteria, and are designed to:

Streamline the application process for full-time places in TAFE qualifications.

Enhance the provision of course advice provided for new and ongoing students seeking full time places in TAFE qualifications.

Ensure that selection processes are equitable, consistent across the TAFE network and operate on a merit basis.

Ensure that selection processes are consistent with the government’s objectives of promoting participation in training, pathways and lifelong learning.


Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for all TAFE qualifications will be expressed as competencies or competency based qualifications. A set of generic competency statements have been identified for use in describing the entry requirements for TAFE qualifications. These describe competency in writing, reading, numeracy and oral communication.

The Selection Criteria Model

Qualification Pathway


 Workplace Experience and Employment  

 Work Experience 

+  Unrelated Work Experience 

Secondary Education / Skill Development

 General Academic Achievement 

 or   Portfolio 

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria will be applied only to a limited number of competitive TAFE qualifications. School leavers applying for TAFE qualifications for which there are entry requirements and selection criteria must provide evidence that addresses both of these to compile a merit score. There will be a common set of selection criteria applied to all qualifications, which include:

Qualification Pathways

Points will be awarded if applicants can show evidence of having established a qualification pathway. This requires the applicant to show evidence of engagement in a planned sequence of vocational education and training in a school, RTO, community or workplace setting that is linked to their future career. For example, a student may have undertaken a VET version of a new course as a precursor to seeking a place in a TAFE qualification.

Secondary Education / Skill Development

For most school leavers, points in this category will be determined by the student’s academic results at secondary school. TAFE Admissions will allocate a point score based on these results. To avoid the need to require school leavers to make subject choices that may not suit their ability or interest, the new selection paradigm will not award points for ‘preferred subjects’, and wherever possible will not stipulate specific subject requirements in the selection criteria and entry requirements.

Workplace Experience / Employment

Points will be awarded if applicants can provide evidence of participation in work. This includes work experience in school and VET programs, general work experience including voluntary work, paid employment or meaningful engagement in community activities.

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